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RV Packaging cc is a family owned and managed company, based in Kwa-Zulu Natal, with branches in Gauteng and the Eastern Cape. RV Packaging cc started Business from Modest humble beginnings in 1992, in Avoca Hills, Durban, founded by Rajan Naidoo and his wife Vani Naidoo. These two dynamic entrepreneurs are also the founders of RV Plastics and Bubble manufacturers (Pty) Ltd. Global entrepreneur Rajan Naidoo being a visionary, was determined to be one of South Africa’s largest plastic manufacturers and with this vision set in stone, he achieved everything he had envisioned for his company.

From strength with unstoppable perseverance and determination, Rajan Naidoo developed loyal and mutual business relationships with his clients, offering them tailor made packaging products, which clients soon grew fond of and the growing demand for continuous one on one communication, consistent product quality, reliable service, rapid turnaround time on delivering orders and unbelievable pricing strategies, pushed him to open up a manufacturing factory, as he quickly out grew his current operating premises. In 1992 new premises housing both manufacturing and administration was being operated at 20 Premier Place, Phoenix industrial Park, with renting just 1 of 8 units, 5 employees and just two machines. Just a few years later, with hard work, focus and determination, the company’s manufacturing capacity grew to owning the entire building with purchasing 10 extruders, 16 bagging machines, 2 printing, machines and employing over 100 employees.

Rajan Naidoo is committed to providing excellent customer service and has expanded his company five folds since incorporation to increase production capacity thus meeting the needs of his customers and increasing market share, to supply KZN and neighbouring provinces with customer quality plain and printed polyethylene bags, sheeting, shrink film and various other packaging materials. By 2003, Rajan and Vani opened up RV Plastics, a recycling factory, whereby offering their clients the opportunity to recycle their plastic waste after usage as well as in-house manufacturing waste, offering recycle material to the market, attracting price sensitive clients. This innovative approach resulted in cost saving to the company and its customers as well as safety to its environment.

With greater demand comes greater market opportunity and with the driving force off a highly competitive visionary being the company, RV Packaging cc experienced tremendous growth in the next 10 years, resulting in the birth of Plastic Bubble Packaging cc, introducing protective packaging to its product line offerings. This company quickly captured market share, becoming one of the leading bubblewrap manufacturers in KZN, supplying bubble wrap and other protective packaging to the entire industry around South Africa and abroad. RV Packaging cc, RV Plastics and Plastic Bubble Packaging cc, became and all around packaging manufacturer, satisfying all the needs offer its customers packaging requirements. Our products are used in retail packaging, industrial packaging, food packaging, advertising, promotional plastic packaging, general packaging, the transportation industry, agricultural and mining industry, cosmetic industry and pharmaceutical industry, just to mention a few.

In 2011, Rajan Naidoo joined his hands with his children and with the growing demand and support from his customers, pushed him forward in opening Plastic Bubble packaging (Pty) Ltd in Gauteng, expanding his great service and quality across the nation. Plastic Bubble Packaging (Pty) Ltd is a leading protective packaging manufacturer, supplying bubble wrap, bubble sheets, bubble bags, B24O, Anti-static bubble wrap, single and double sided cushion kraft to all its customers within and around Gauteng. In 2014, Plastic Bubble Packaging (Pty) Ltd expanded its great service and quality across to the Easter Cape, where it quadrupled its production capacity by housing a manufacturing branch in Port Elizabeth.

This phenomenal organisation structural expansion, allowed us to fulfil all customised requirements to clients specific needs, ranging from small runs to major contract orders, whereby giving us the competitive edge over our competitors to operate on a local basis as well as on a national scale for clients with multiple branches in Durban, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, East London, George and neighbouring areas. Over the years, the RV Packaging group of companies has grown to become an experienced and reputable company, in the flexible packaging industry. Now in its second generation of family ownership, is the largest manufacturing company in South Africa, manufacturing a wide range of plain and printed LDPE and HDPE products.

The main advantages of operating our family owned companies are the fast decision-making, flat hierarchy and open channels of communication. We are very passionate about packaging and driven by the need to continuously exceed all out customer’s expectations. Our proactive approach allows us to provide our customers with rapid turnaround times, by delivering orders promptly. Our lean overheads and enduring commitment to all our customers makes us dependable and competitive, especially to our customers abroad. Our team employees are committed to achieving 100% customer satisfaction. We are honest, sincere and fair in everything we so and we respect our customers, employees, business partners and environment and we will continue to strive to earn the respect to others through out actions.

In 2018, RV Plastics bought over GV Plastics in KZN and changed its name to RV Plastics and Bubble Manufacturers, this new addition to the family business was truly a blessing, acquiring 12 extruders, 12 begging machines, 6 printers and over 40 employees. Through hard work, determination and commitment to customer excellence, the RV Packaging group of companies will continue to excel in generations to come.